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Game features: Multiplayer game Play against real opponents, no robots Free Easy to play Available in portrait and landscape for your convenience User-friendly interface, for mobile phones or tablets Select the amount of coins to bet* Welcome bonus and free daily coins! Play quick games Participate in the weekly ranking and win additional coins by getting to the first place! Earn victories to improve your level by using your game player skills and get more coins! Play casually online Create private (with password) or public tables and play against real life friends or people from all over the world Tech support available online where you can access help and open a dispute in case there's a problem, where a verdict will be reached quickly Make new friends and connect with people online that share your interests in sueca pro Chat with players or privately with your friends! Mute people at table. Respect, friendship and partnership above all Use search filters to find players Play anonymously Rules available in game Two players mode known as Bisca Customize your deck, background and animation effects Switch to the language of your choice Game audio adjustment option Double click on/off available optionPortuguese Sueca is the best sueca online trick-taking card game for Facebook and Mobile available for Android and iOS.Sueca is a popular card game app for amateur and professional card players! Known to be a popular variant of the Bisca card game and the Italian game Briscola. Now let's go briefly over the rules. The ranks of the cards, in order from highest to lowest, are: Ace, 7, King (K), Jack (J), Queen (Q), 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. The card values are: Ace (11 points), 7 (10 points), K (4 points), J (3 points), Q (2 points) and the rest of the cards (0 points).10 cards are dealt from the deck to each player. When the first card of a trick is dealt, it determines the suit; other players must follow the suit if they can. A player who does not have any cards of that suit may play any playcard of any other suit. If any of the cards from the trump suit are played in the trick, the highest card of the trump wins. Otherwise, the trick is won by the highest card of the leading suit. The winner of each trick starts the next one.The objective of the game is to win as many tricks as possible.What are you waiting for to download the best Sueca free online game? Play on your mobile phone whenever you like, with the best Sueca from ConectaGames! Have fun with this classic card game!ConectaGames also has multiple cardgames, such as, King, Spades, Copas, Truco, Truco Venezolano, Burako, Canasta, Tute, Tute Cabrero, Chinchón Español, Tranca, Buraco, Burraco, Hokm, Gin Rummy, Hearts online and many more for your enjoyment, check them out if you’re interested!* Sueca: Is a free card game that does not use real money to bet or to generate gains from the game.