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Mano has been searching through the jungle ever since his love was captured by the dragon boss. Now he has found a clue as to the location of the castle where the boss resides. However there are many enemies standing in between Mano and his love, Princess Pineapple. And YOUR task is to help Mano overcome these difficulties and reunite them!Enjoy this journey with Mano and dive into the ten carefully designed worlds! Forest, beach, jungle, tundra, desert, dungeon, castle etc. Endless levels with endless enemies waiting for you to conquer!Features:-Console-level graphics-Suitable for all ages-Classic Gameplay-Various enemies and their upgraded variants-Fun mechanics-Challenging battles with huge Bosses-Simple and intuitive controls-Serect levels with huge amount of rewards-You can ride dinosaurs which offer unique abilities-Multiple super hero skins Player Guideline:-← and → for basic movements-Tap ↑ for a little hop, hold down ↑ for a higher jump-❤ gives you strength and health, fire spell grants you charges to cast fireball-One of the three mounts grants you the ability to cast piercing fireball which defeat multiple enemies at once-The second dinosaur grants you the ability to attract nearby coins-The third one grants you the ability to cast bubbles which turn enemies into coinsThe game is easy to play yet difficult to master. Challenge yourself and become the ultimate HERO of our game.We're currently working on more levels for a future update.Don't hesitate! Download Super Mano Bros - Jungle World now and enjoy!