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A long time ago, when eight tribes were ruled by the tree monster. He spread lies and used violence to maintain its throne.

Every tribe knew a prophecy in which a warrior capable of mastering the power of the totems would come to defeat the monster and rule with love and peace.

In Super Warrior Adventures - The Mask Legend, you play as the Warrior boy whose fate is to claim his throne and govern the remaining tribes. He will count on you and his Dino friends to claim the throne back.

Main features of Super Warrior Adventures - The Mask Legend.

+ 120 Well designed levels

+ 12 challenging bosses

+ Amazing HD graphics

+ Different scenarios like desert, forest, lava, and frozen lands.

+ Each level a new exciting challenge to overcome

You can use the power of the totems to improve your skills and defeat all the enemies.

+ The Fire Totem

It lets you ignore collisions and don't get hurt by touching an enemy. If you touch an enemy it will be burned and destroyed.

+ Totem of Magnetism

The Totem of Magnetism attracts all the good things around you. It is very useful to collect as many items as possible without going out of your way.

+ The Wealth Totem

For every bone collected you get two. This totem can be useful to increase the amount of bones you have.

+ The Thunder Totem

The Thunder Totem is one of the strongest. It will strike with lightning all enemies around it, even those underground.

+ The Speed Totem

The Speed Totem will make you move faster. Can be a perfect match when used in conjunction with the Fire Totem.

During the game play you use your dinosaur friends they have some special properties and can improve the effects of the Totems

+ Blue

The Blue Dinosaur increases the map time by 15 seconds. It also increases the duration of the wealth totem by 1 second, however, it is weak against scorpions, and will take double damage if attacked by one.

+ Dino

Dino is not attacked by bees, he also increases fire totem by 2 seconds. Dino is weak against spiders, and will take double damage if attacked by one.

+ Velox

It can step on thorns without taking any damage. It also increases the duration of the speed and magnetic totems by 1 second. He takes double damage when hit by a poison dart.

+ Rex

It is not attacked by spiders and can get over it without problem. It also increases the duration of the thunder totem by 2 seconds. Rex is weak against bees and takes double damage when attacked by them..