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Welcome to the Survival Games: City Survival Offline game where you are an only gun survival commando and have to survive from robots strike, grim zombie souls attacks, terrorists and commando enemies. Multiple survival invasion game missions are designed with different zombie war survival modes. Your mission is only to survive from the zombies, commandos, robots, and terrorists and keep your city safe from undead invasions. All modes in these survival games are based on offline survival. Enemies will invade you from all arounds in the offline city survival & battleground survival & will try to kill you and make it the death battleground for normal peoples. You just have to think as an offline commando survivor, plan a survival strategy that all the people are dead now as deadly zombies with robots and enemy squads have surrounded your survival state from all sides. You only have the power to perform counter attack & strike survival on all the enemy squad as a gun survival shooter hero, so show your shooting and offline survival games skills by killing all the enemies like undead zombies and enemy bots. You have to take over the city again and restore normal life in the city in this Zombies Invasion City Survival game. You have to fight the zombies as its your last day of survival. Fight till your last breath and survive as zombie war survival.In Zombie war survival Games 4 different kinds of shooting and offline battleground survival modes have been designed for you to play, win and enjoy the victory against the deadly enemies attack survival. In the zombies invasion survival commando mode, you have to kill and survive from the undead invasion of deadly souls and keep your city safe from attack and survive from zombie virus, robot machines, terrorist attacks and other enemies. You have to shoot & survive enemies as its your last day of survival. In the bots gun survival mode you have to shoot & survive from the robot attacks you have to perform survival very fast and keep the warehouse safe from their deadly attack. In Zombies Invasion City Survival you are a commando and have to shoot and kill the enemy commandos for offline survival free. Terrorists have attacked your city from all sides you have to kill till your last breath and survive in this free commando survival games mission.Smooth and realistic shooting and gun survival controls are designed in this offline death survival free game to give the users a real feel of killing enemies, undead zombies and bots. While playing this adventurous shooting game you will get survival shooting skills and become the real survivor after winning all the modes available. Multiple shooting survival guns are available for counter attack the deadly enemies with highest power. So be ready to play this offline survival game with your full focus otherwise you will not win the modes as the survival challenge will evolve in the next survival missions.Survival Games: City Survival Offline Features:- Unique and HD Graphics- Real battlegrounds & shooting sounds- Multiple shooting and survival missions- Dead invasion from adventurous robots, enemy commandos and deadly zombies- Gun Survival from Invasion apocalypse by Armor- Make death fort for ugly zombies in the state- Challenging missions to revert back to death zombies city- Extraordinary guns collection for Death Survival- Rewards on Missions completion- Low memory offline Gun game for all type of GamersNow don't wait, just download this unique Survival Games: City Survival Offline 3D Games from the play store and enjoy its unique features for free. You will find this survival game very best among all others available. It will amuse you a lot with its unique survival stories and 3D multiple offline missions. Good Luck!