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Survival Master:456

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Do you dream to become a billionaire? Seeking to experience a thrilling journey? Thriving to stand out from 456 other players? Start the new challenge now and win your 45.6 billion fortunes!

First stage: PIN & PULL

1. The challenge begins! Move the pin to let No. 456 get the treasure.

2. When you encounter guards, use props to destroy them!

3. And what if there's a fire? Don't panic, pour water to get rid of the fire!

4. It might sound simple, but stay put, this is a survival game after all.

Second stage: STICK CLASH

1. Congratulations on completing the first challenge! It's time to assemble your brothers in arms!

2. It's a wild storm coming soon! Attack enemies with less power than yours, turn them into your army, and destroy the BOSS together!

3. This challenge is like a maze, it's better not to mess up, or you will fail!

4. Each level of the BOSS is different, you need to be strong enough to get to the end.

Third stage: SQUID HERO

1. Wow, you are doing great, you have finished 90%

2. This stage is especially interesting, gather more brothers in arms, charge, and fight together!

3. It's your mission to guard peace and protect the weak! Become the hero of your dreams!

These challenges are coming soon, new challenges are being constantly updated, invite more friends to join your team and achieve greater wealth!