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Survivalcraft 2 Super inventory (Add mod)

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Android version
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Survivalcraft 2 Super inventory Mod Info
Built in super inventory module
Tips:Before download,please delete the "Survivalcraft" file under the root directory.Otherwise, there will be conflicts between different modules, resulting in the crash of the game.

The built-in module survivalcraft 2 is an RPG game developed by using the sandbox game Minecraft. In the game, you are trapped on a desert island. During the day, you need to keep exploring this strange island. You can mine minerals, study craft weapons, make traps, etc... don't forget to establish a shelter at night to rest and protect yourself! You can also share your game results with players all over the world. There are unlimited possibilities in this game. At the same time, you can switch between first person and third person perspectives. Compared with the first film, this film adds the underwater world to explore adventure, and there are many new surprises waiting for you to find one by one in the game! Players who have played "survival war" must not miss this sequel!