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Table Tennis Touch Mod Info
(After entering the game, you can change the language in the last option of the profile interface)
After the interface is refreshed, the boost prop will display the number of rewards obtained

Table Tennis Touch Mod Apk

If you like playing table tennis, you will certainly like table tennis touch. The exquisite visual images, intuitive sliding operation, realistic high-speed games and multiplayer game modes make table tennis touch the world's first table tennis hand game.

• career mode: climb the rankings in a career mode full of tournaments, leagues and special events.

• Mini Game Music: 13 unique table tennis challenges, including half table, bowling and hit zone.

• Customization: it can unlock the racket and customize more than 30 racket designs.

• realistic style: amazing game stage, realistic physical characteristics and high complexity images.

What are you waiting for? Come and play!

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