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TankCraft: tank battle (Unlimited Money)

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TankCraft: tank battle Mod Info
1.Players will get a lot of brain holes for free when they log in the game for the first time
2.Players can buy missile damage upgrade to obtain game currency, so as to realize unlimited currency in the game

The task of this game is to defeat infected opponents and bosses!

Build a powerful tank capable of defeating all enemies and their bosses!

- Towers that provide armor and allow you to install different weapons. The stronger the tower's armor, the longer our hero can withstand enemy attacks. have fun!

- Legion, you must take the strongest and most armored. So none of the enemy projectiles can penetrate it. Pay special attention to the chassis and tracks so we can overcome all the obstacles in this mobile game!

- A weapon on which our damage to enemies and bosses depends. Different weapons have different rates of fire and ammo types. The cannon can fire grenades, high-explosive projectiles, and even armor-piercing projectiles! In this tank building game, powerful parts are a tanker's best friend! Aim and shoot like the best player in the world!

- Engines, the more powerful our tanks' engines are, the faster we can maneuver in tank battles. Only a strong engine can take the load of the strongest armor and the strongest weapon!

Boosters will help you win in this shooting game:

- Armor repairs that allow you to restore your tank's performance even in battle!

- Missile attacks supporting your artillery will help you complete missions and collect more rewards!

- Combat drones that can be built as comrades in battles on the mountain. The combat drone protects you and hits the enemy with accurate shots.

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