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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Mod

Be the leader of 100+ distinct kinds of wobblers from ancient lands, spooky places and fantasy worlds. Watch them fight in simulations made with the wobbliest ragdoll physics system. Besides going through a series of historical or mythical campaigns, you can create your own battle scenarios with sandbox maps, customize unique units with ridiculous abilities, and send your wobblers to confront others for endless fun!

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Mod FEATURES:

‣ TOTALLY ACCURATE POCKET EDITION - Enjoy all campaigns and sandbox maps from the original TABS and direct every frame of comical combats on your fingertips wherever you go.

‣ WOBBLIEST PHYSICS SYSTEM EVER CREATED - Your units don’t jiggle jiggle, they wobble! Okay, we lied. The battle simulations aren’t exactly “accurate” per se. Far from it, they’re really, really chaotic. Fun though! But still chaotic…So chaotic that we can’t even guarantee two identical battles will ever be the same!

‣ A MYRIAD OF FACTIONS - Pit the most unexpected enemies from the most unlikely places and times to each other. Zeus and Minotaurs from the Ancients to Da Vinci Tanks from the Renaissance. Valkyries from the Vikings to the Grim Reaper from the Spooky faction along with many more secret units to be unlocked.

‣ ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES AND FUN - You can customize the battle scenarios and conditions to your heart’s content, or create your own unique units to run into the most absurd and hilarious spectacles.

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