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so mod menu:
1.character lock blod
2.lock magic
3.Unlimited split
4.super speed
5.super jump
6.not completely dark
7.anaercbic respiration in water
8.charcter stealth

Terraria Mod Menu - PC indie game in the action-adventure genre developed in 2011 by the Re-Logic studio. The game is based on exploring the world, crafting (crafting) objects, building and fighting various creatures. Terraria Mod Menu is often compared to Minecraft. Now fans of this amazing game can download Terraria Mod Menu on their Android phone or tablet.

At the beginning of the Terraria Mod Menu, players are asked to create a character and a world. After the character is created, the player will appear in the forest biome. Players receive a copper axe, a copper pickaxe, and a copper knife. This character has no goal, but one: to survive. The ax can chop down trees, fetch wood, pick up ore, and dig up the ground with a pickaxe. Players attack aggressive monsters almost from the start, and due to the lack of weapons, you can use tools to kill, although this method takes more time. Various items will drop from slain monsters, which can be used to create all sorts of things to make the passage easier.

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