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The White Stork

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Simulate the survival of a beautiful white stork in the real world!

The white stork is a large bird with long and wide wings that can glide. When flying, the neck stretches forward and the legs stretched back beyond the tip of the tail. The feathers are mainly white, with black feathers on the wings.

The beautiful white stork takes you into a brand new adventure!

New features:

• REALISTIC simulator

This is an open world fantasy jungle and water environment.

Exquisite stork animation and realistic stork behavior.

• Dangerous boss battle

RPG style game with a large number of survival and combat missions. When attacking animals, you also need to avoid other animals' attacks. Beware of dangerous predators bashing in the dense woods!

• Customize your stork

Choose your animal's name, appearance and attributes to upgrade your stork and become a stronger animal!

• Dynamic weather, season and day/night cycle

Procedural weather system with unique storms, clouds, sun and stars!

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