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Tiny Dungeon is a classic pixel action-loaded rogue like game where you can explore endless dungeons, defeat enemies, and level up guns.

By entering deeper stages you will face stronger enemies, but also receive more valuable loot to upgrade weapons, unlock new heroes, or guns.

When you manage to defeat the dungeon boss, a whole new dungeon world with new enemies and rewards wait for you to explore.

Rogue-like-RPG adventure

Tiny Dungeon combines roguelike, rpg, bullet hell, and hack n slash mechanics with pixel graphics. Certain stages will act like a checkpoint, where you can respawn with your upgraded guns and heroes.

Endless stages with randomly generated dungeons and tons of enemies and bosses wait for you to explore.

At no time you'll receive interrupting ads, you have full control over when to watch an ad!

The entire game is playable offline and can be downloaded for free!

Furthermore, you don't have to spend any money to complete the game!

* Cloud saving

* 3 dungeon worlds with 3 bosses

* 5 different weapons

* 16+ heroes

* Constant updates with improvements, new weapons, heroes, dungeon worlds, and new features

This free game gets developed by a single person.

That's why is extremely !

Feel free to include anything you like or don't like about the game in your review. If you would like to see a particular feature or have an idea about a new hero, weapon/gun, boss, or dungeon world, let me know.

I read every review and try my best to constantly improve the game.

Be a part of it!

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