TrapMaster (Много денег/без рекламы)

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TrapMaster Mod Info
● Монеты и алмазы при тратах увеличиваются;
● Вы можете получать бесплатные вещи без просмотра рекламы.
Trap Master: Merge Defense - addictive arcade simulator for android devices.

Simple and entertaining game for every day

Bright, fun and at the same time is a very addictive game for mobile devices that will make your leisure time much more interesting and will distract you from the gray working days. In Trap Master: Merge Defense, you play as a hero who lives in a cave filled with valuable treasures and other riches. But, insidious villains want to steal your property and destroy the cave, now, together with the main character, you have to take up the defense of your territories, using the most cunning and cruel traps. Your main goal is to protect the cave at all costs, can you defeat your enemies?

Intense battles

The main feature of this game is a wide variety of available traps for enemies, knocking back, repelling, stunning and attacking traps that will help you turn an ordinary simulator into a real turn-based strategic action. A large arsenal of weapons, a mass of third-party skills of the hero for the implementation of a variety of tactics, dozens of breathtaking levels, well-developed game mechanics, beautiful visual design and simple game rules - all this boasts Trap Master: Merge Defense. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.