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Trombone Champion is the mobile trombone-based rhythm music game. Unlike most music games, you can freely play any note at any time. You're not just following along with the music, you're actually playing the music!Point your way through the tracks. The better you play, the more points you earn!Improvise and play whatever you want in freeplay mode!Collect every song from the collection and become the true trombone champ!Playable with just one finger!Entertaining for all agesFEATURESTrombone champ features over 30 tracks, which include anthems, marches, blues, classic, folk, and more. Each track has a unique animated background that moves with the music!ControlsPlay with one of your fingers then move it back and forward, like a trombone champ, and the pitch of the note will slide up and down to match! Click with the finger from your other hand to blow! The sounds your trombone makes are completely controlled by you. The closer you are to the music games track, the more points you will earn, but you have the freedom to play anything you want at any time! Become a trombone champ with our game!