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Aren't you sick of hearing and asking the same questions over and over ? Have you ever wanted to expose your best friends' embarrassing secrets ? Have you ever wondered what secrets they kept at the cost of their lives ? But do you want to do this with more difficult and cornering questions rather than questions that everyone knows by heart ? Come on let our app accompany you on this journey !If you think you have been more honest than ever and you are thinking about your should make a little show of strength we have prepared fun and very challenging questions for you again. You can declare yourself hero when you can our courage questions are at your disposal ! We have divided our categories into 4 parts in a way that we think you might like. You have options including Classic, Party, Couples and Extreme. No matter what your mood reflects you will leave the table at the end of the night as a very had fun person. Maybe with a slightly flushed face we will never know about it :) But we can give a guarantee that nothing will be the same as before. If you are lucky we hope that simple questions will come up. But you must have an answer to everything and the courage to prove it to everyone. All the best wishes.