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1.Unlimited Money

HFG entertainment is proud to show the best click escape game unknown myth. Enjoy three different stories in one place. Join the world of fantasy and adventure and get rid of the crux of your difficulties.

Become a pearl and break free from tangled dreams. Explore a world you've never seen, a story you've never heard of, and unforgettable twists and turns. The infinite level is full of themes from fantasy, mystery, detective thriller to novel. You can test and increase your brain IQ and have fun and excitement at the same time.

Finally, we should go out of each knocking stage, the great leap forward, solve puzzles and find hidden objects.

Game story:

Witch Greed:

As a little Jack, you are saving your mother by catching a rare therapeutic herb. But fate trapped you in a witch who brought you into the crystal world. Find a way out by using your wisdom to solve fascinating solutions and work with your peers. Complete challenging puzzle tasks, escape the curse and save your mother.

Dream Chronicle:

Step into the dream, you are the Pearl, and agree to help your guardian angel study the protagonist. Unexpectedly, you are caught up in a huge obstacle and feel vulnerable. With your desired collection and unsolvable solutions, you will find a way out of the trap. Complete exciting puzzles and sell hidden items to escape the last stage.

Space loss:

Due to the black start impact, the earth lost half its mass and gravity. The rich formed a hexagonal community and left the earth for the new earth in 2899. You are a scientist named Hiro Lucas, one of the abandoned poor on earth. By solving puzzles, go to unexplored places, find as many new things as possible, and mathematically match puzzles, so as to bring solutions to save the earth's gravity, rather than saving extinct humans like Mars.

Prepare to explore the unopened doors of different worlds. And immerse yourself in the chronicle of escaping each trap. By escaping from reality, welcome to the world of escape games.


• 100 brain teaser levels.

• solve classic puzzles.

• games localized in 25 languages

• find hidden objects and explore locations.

• stunning design and graphics.

• provide daily gifts and rewards

• the save your progress feature is enabled.