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Join our 3-million-users' community who understands that their unique bodies need unique personal Meal Plans and Workouts!Our beloved users are losing weight and learning how to stay fit and healthy for the rest of their lives! Set yourself on the road to success with a weight loss program you can stick with — and enjoy! • Personalized meal plan based on your unique eating preferences and needs;• Customized shopping lists to make your grocery shopping enjoyable; • At-home workouts created by professional coaches to boost your metabolism;• Reminders & notification system to create new healthy habits; • Database deepening your weight loss knowledge to build a healthy mindset; • Doses of motivation to follow the plan we've created for you! We've got all you need to lose weight, gain muscles, or support your health for the rest of your life!Download Unimeal > Go to your DIARY and you'll find:CALORIES TRACKER: • Calculate eaten calories and macros (carbs, proteins, and fats) with a Calorie Calculator. We have a Calorie Table with over 2 million foods for FREE! • Track calories from your Meal Plan and see daily progress. WEIGHT TRACKER: • Log your weight in a progress journal with a weight tracker: stay motivated during the journey;• Divide your big weight loss goal into many small ones, with little gifts for achieving each. WATER TRACKER: • Track your water balance to monitor how hydrated you are during the day. You'll never stop pressing those cute cups in your Diary!ACTIVITY TRACKER: • Get a new workout every day and track your activity in the Diary section;• Choose from dozens of fitness programs: tone your butt and belly abs; firm up your back, arms, and legs. DIETITIAN COURSES: • Learn all about diets, nutrients, vitamins, healthy eating, sport, and many others; • Become your own health expert, so losing weight will be natural and easy for you.MOTIVATIONAL CARDS: • Short inspirational words can cause a big beautiful impact. So keep it moving!Unimeal basic is free, but to get your Personal Meal and Workout Plan, you will need to activate your account!Premium members who get their personalized meal plans report 10x the weight loss of free members!Please note that you won't be able to use app features without an active Unimeal account.Privacy Policy: https://unimeal.com/privacy-policyTerms of use: https://unimeal.com/terms-of-service