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Unturunted Mod is an action-adventure game released by Smartly Dressed Games. The graphics of this game are very distinctive. In this game, you have to go on an adventure journey! In the game, the player has to play the role of a survivor, zombies are everywhere around you, and everyone else is attacked by zombies. And your task now is to build defense projects, and at the same time you are looking for food and water to survive. In the process, you have to get more weapons and ammunition, attack zombies, and survive! There are 5 modes in this game, players can choose their favorite mode to experience! If you like it, you can also download and play Sandbox Playground Mod

Unturunted Mod Game Features

Keep Still

You're one of the few people who hasn't turned into a zombie yet. Keeping it that way will be a challenge.

Step into the hail of bullets and attract the attention of all, living and dead.

Take a subtle approach, be sneaky, and use distractions.

Fight and learn to fight special abilities, from invisibility to fire breathing to lightning strikes.

Against Nature

Nature aside, zombies make life difficult.

Forage wild fruits and vegetables.

Hunt animals for fur and meat, or become prey in some harsh environments.

Fish are food and trash.

Plant a crop and make sure it rains.

Find warmth, shelter from blizzards.

Deal with Other Players

Friend or Foe There are a lot of interesting people online.

Unturunted Mod Gameplay

Download player-created content from guns to cars to gigantic levels from the workshop, and upload your own.

Build custom maps with a game-level editor. All official maps are created using the same free public tools, and their assets are open for your use.

Write plugins using built-in or powerful third-party systems.

Get your clothes and skins voted in the workshop to be considered for acceptance and sale.

Collaborate with other modems and get your own updates considered for official adoption.

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