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Visitas is the app that improves networking in the workplace. It is the first app that allows to exchange digital business cards with colleagues, employees and potential customers in contactless mode.

1) Register: choose your profile between Free, Premium and Business

2) Create your business card: enter your personal and contact details, customize the colour and the layout of your card. You can create an unlimited number of cards.

3) Share your card: exchange your business card quickly via Bluetooth. If the recipient has not downloaded the app yet , they can still receive your information via email, WhatsApp, SMS, link or QR code.

4) Manage your address book: save the digital cards of your colleagues or customers in your address book. In addition to personal information you can record where and when each contact was exchanged. Visitas will notify you if one of your contacts has modified their card.


Eco-friendly: it makes your network carbon neutral. It saves paper, it’s one small step towards caring for the planet.

Deductibility: you can reduce your tax burden. Visitas is a 100% deductible service.

Zero contact: with Visitas you only need your smartphone to add a new person to your network. It is the safest way to exchange contact information during business meetings.


Scanner: You can acquire information directly from a paper ticket using the Scanner. The scanned data will be automatically divided into the corresponding fields, inserted into a new digital card and saved in your address book.

Manual import: you can create a card from scratch by entering the data into a new digital card which will be saved in the address book.

Dashboard: this is the company’s control tower, whose access limited to selected operators. From here you can manage all your digital tickets and monitor the details of each exchange, with the convenience of being able to export the data in CSV format and integrate it with your CRM or ERP.


Free user:

• Creation of unlimited business cards

• Basic customization of business cards

• 3 monthly scans

• 2 monthly manual imports

Premium user:

• Creation of unlimited business cards

• Advanced customization of business cards (possibility to upload images or company logo, change fonts and colors)

• Unlimited scans

• Unlimited manual imports

• Third part ticket sharing

• 100% deductibility

Business user:

• Premium app for all of your employees

• Advanced customization of business cards (possibility to download images or company logo, change fonts and colors

• Unlimited scans

• Unlimited manual imports

• Statistics and data management in real time (Dashboard)

• 100% deductibility

Visit our website www.visitas.io