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The description of Volunteer App

The volunteer App lets you generate donations for charity by playing fun mobile games or answering surveys, without the need to donate your own money.

In the volunteer app, you can choose the cause for which you want to help generate donations (without needing to donate your own money). Then you can start accumulating points in your account by playing games & answering surveys,. The more points you accumulate, the more you contribute to your cause.

In the future, we will add a volunteer opportunities near me section, providing real-life volunteer opportunities for people who don’t want to volunteer online. The volunteering near me section will connect charities and non-profit organizations with people who want to do good and help charity.

The Volunteer platform is part of our effort to generate a novel donation stream for charity organizations. We donate on a monthly basis to non-profit organizations based on the amount of points generated by users of the app. Thus, if many people would use the app then we could donate large amounts for good causes and make the world a better place!