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Wave App is backed by review and rated the #1 health tracker to track patient-reported outcomes for cancer patients. (Cedars-Sinai)Wave is your all-in-one health tracker that puts Artificial Intelligence in your hands.Think of Wave as a simple, customizable tool that shows you the correlation between the activities you do and the effect they have on your physical and mental health. Learn what affects your mood, symptoms, and overall health.You have more control over your health & wellness, more accurate information for your doctor, and the ability to finally manage your condition, treatments, and symptoms.Our custom-built features help you manage your daily tasks and track your wellbeing all in one place.* Subscribe to Wave Pro *Get a weekly summary report of your data with insights and trends to show you what helps you feel better and fight negative side effects.See engaging trends - and share weekly reports with your doctors to collaborate more effectively and improve your wellbeing.People with chronic illness or cancer use Wave to:- Track symptoms and manage their entire treatment journey - Learn what makes their health better or worse- Record activities like sleep, meals, exercise, vitals, mindfulness, menstrual cycle, bowel movements, and more- Discover patterns and trends that impact their health- Prepare for doctor appointments with useful health reportsWave enables you to work more effectively with your doctors or care team to better control the side effects and symptoms you experience.People using Wave have chronic conditions like: FibromyalgiaObesityHypertensionDiabetesAddictionDepressionChronic Kidney DiseaseBreast CancerColon CancerOvarian CancerLymphomaLung CancerMigrainesAcid RefluxAsthmaADHDand 240+ more!ALL OF YOUR HEALTH TRACKING IN ONE APP:*Track Your Symptoms, Condition, and Activities**Record Vitals**Share Health Updates with Your Care Team**Update Your Overall Condition**Track Your Symptoms & Mood**Get Personal Health Insights*Real-time, personal health insights help you identify how your actions are related to your condition and symptoms, so you can take control of your health.*Log Activities like Medication, Steps, Sleep*Update your activities like Sleep, Water Intake, Medications, or StepsPRIVATE & SECUREYour data is secure and encrypted on our HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST servers.WAVE WAS CREATED FROM A REAL-LIFE CANCER JOURNEYOur founders underwent a cancer journey 7 years ago, and from our experience tracking anything we could, we learned what helped and what didn’t. We decided to create a free health app that would help anyone with cancer and chronic illness manage their health.WE JUST MADE EVERYTHING EASIERWe launched a complete redesign with feedback and feature requests from thousands of people with a wide variety of chronic mental and physical health conditions.Our goal is to make health tracking simple and easy for anyone, even if you’re suffering from fatigue and brain fog that often comes with many conditions.YOU CAN USE WAVE AS A:Health TrackerSymptom TrackerMood TrackerMedication TrackerMeal TrackerMental Health TrackerSelf-Care TrackerHabit TrackerEmotion TrackerExercise TrackerPain TrackerFatigue TrackerSOME OTHER THINGS YOU CAN TRACK: Moods Mindfulness ExercisesWeight ChangesPhysical Health SymptomsMental Health SymptomsPain & Symptom SeveritySleep Quality & QuantityAnxiety LevelsEnergy LevelsMedicationsStepsHeart RateBlood GlucoseBody Temperature Notes & Diary EntriesSelf-Care Routines & HabitsView our Terms of Use: https://www.wavehealth.app/termsWave App does not give medical advice, please consult with your doctor before making any necessary changes to your health plan**