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1.Zombie Dragons
2.Human Invincible
3.EIf Invincible
4.Orc Invincible
5.Dwarf Invinciblext
6.Infinite Resource

- added: radiotraitive rain of 3 types. Select which traits you want to apply for multiple units and drop them.
- added: radiotraitive rains. They save their state through sessions
- added: crab bomb! it's rave time
- added: gamma rain. Pick some traits and make it rain
- added: delta rain. Pick some traits and make a train
- added: omega rain. Pick some traits and make them train
- added: city inventory legendary items would have special outline

Worldbox 0.13.16 MOD APK Premium

Worldbox is a free sandbox god simulator game. In this free sandbox god game you can 

Create life and watch it flourish Create sheep, gray wolves, orcs, elves, dwarves, and other magical creatures!

Civilizations build their own buildings, roads, and of course they go to war with each other to help them develop and build better civilizations!

Sandbox Try playing with different elements, you can corrode the ground with acid rain or even drop nukes or create a tornado, as well as underground worms and searing rays. Have fun creating and destroying or creating a civilized world full of life!

Watch how Conway's Game of Life quickly destroys civilizations, or you can create Langton Ants and watch how they build wonders piece by piece

Simulate various natural disasters. Meteorites, volcanoes, lava, tornadoes, fountains, etc., simulate and observe the evolution of creatures and the rise of civilization

Create a pixel world You can use different free tools to create pixel art, such as magic and brushes, just use different pixel blocks to color. There is nothing that can't be done, only unexpected.

You can play this sandbox game with Wi-Fi and data off

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