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Zombie Slayer : Mission Impossible

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Zombie Slayer is #1 action game that blends the boundaries of classic shooter games. The rules are very simple - slay the endless waves of zombies or have your brain eaten.


Non-stop zombies in shooting games are coming to the frontier. Shoot zombies before the invasion comes to you since the dead can come anytime in these zombie games. Kill zombies & survive the true offline shooting games!

Challenge inside a zombie attack world in this killing action battle! Train your gun shooter skills as a survivor in frontline fighting for your survival: Enhance your arsenal of ammunition and weapons and face zombies shooting as an elite sniper hunter with the best guns in this dead zombie RPG action combat game! This lethal battlefield war has only one target, stop the zombie apocalypse. Save the frontier in these zombie shooting games!

The zombie survival shooting apocalypse legends is here. Best days are gone: Will you escape from every zombie or headshot your way out as a survival heroes in these lethal zombie hunter battleground games? Pull the trigger and start shooting and killing zombies in these strategy war gun games! Join this zombie shooting game! It's your turn to fight in this zombie apocalypse!

• Learn your enemies - for each of them has its own unique features. Fat zombies, jumping zombies, mad zombies with swords, toxic zombies. There is no type of dead target we’ve left behind!

• Easy to learn, hard to master zombie game. This First Person Shooter trains you as a zombie killer and the main rule of surviving in this world is to kill them all.


• Endless run mode to train your skills of zombie killer on variety of dead targets

• OFFLINE Zombie game with ongoing updates to deliver new missions, features, and content


• Run forward as a zombie killer or become a dead target. Zombie survival game with the most fast-paced action you’ve ever seen!

• Zombie killer shows no mercy. Survive as long as you can!

Zombies walk among us! You are one of the few survivors of a pandemic infection. The zombie apocalypse began after a scientist dropped a vial of virus in a secret laboratory. Despite military lockdown, in a few hours the zombie infection outbreak reached the outside and now the living dead are rising, hunting humans to feed themselves.


· Kill zombies before time ends.

· Upgrade your Weapons.

· Shoot loot boxes with power ups.

· Several missions of apocalypse survival action.

· Survive in open apocalypse battlegrounds.

· Different guns and weapons.

Enjoy a zombie apocalypse classic shooter game. action, horror and survival mixed up in a shooting game that will boost your adrenaline by being a zombie hunter. Survive to this zombie apocalypse. Reload your sniper rifle, practice your hunter skills and start shooting for survival.

In order to survive, cooperation is essential. Sometimes you need to take some dangerous work, but this does not mean that your companions are lazy, they are also struggling to survive.

Fortunately, this is not a desperate situation. The DNA of zombies can be used to strengthen your body and unlock stronger weapons. These will help you become more and more brave and stronger! Don't forget to upgrade and strengthen your weapon after each battle.