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The experience that the memories of the old love comes to mind with the smell that the tip of the nose passes for a moment, Every once in a while, is it?In fact, human sense of smell is the most closely related sense of memory.If so, why not take advantage of the fragrance when you want to memorize more specifically?A morning to announce a new beginning, a special day with loved ones,At the end of a happy day, moments that were ordinary but somehow wanted to remember...The moment I want to memorize since it was special, or to memorize specially since it was ordinary,Would not it be possible to keep the moment more beautiful and new if you are with your own scent?Deepscent's arom is a new type of aroma styler that emits a fragrance that perfectly reflects your taste through the layering of various scents. The arom brings out a new scent every day, and every moment you can send out the scent that suits the atmosphere.Find yourself happy every time you enter the space with the scent that sniffs your taste and the space that is refreshing every day!