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Бесплатные покупки за реальные деньги.
Capsule Toy Gacha - unusual arcade simulator for android devices.

Balls with surprises and mini-games

Quite an entertaining game , which will allow you to relax in the middle of gray everyday life and enjoy a simple, uncommon gameplay that can give you a lot of pleasant emotions for the whole day. In Capsule Toy Gacha, you will be provided with a machine and some coins to use. The machine itself contains countless balls with a surprise - toys. Each toy is a full-fledged old-school game that will draw you in from the very first minutes and immerse you in an atmosphere of nostalgia.

Addictive fun for everyone

Racing, arcade games, simulations, puzzles and many other genres presented in small toys will be featured in Capsule Toy Gacha. Naturally, in order to replenish the supply of toys, you will need coins to start the machine, which can be obtained for victories in mini-games. Iconic graphics, easy-to-learn controls and light game mechanics, pleasant background music, as well as hours of unforgettable pastime - all this you will find in Capsule Toy Gacha. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.