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iTarga - Verify Italian license plate

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The description of iTarga - Verify Italian license plate App

iTarga: Provides quick access to all the information available for italian cars and scooters.

Verifies Italian insurance, calculates tax, checks reported stolen and provides inspection info.

• No security code to enter, only the license plate.

• No infinite waiting, few seconds to get all the updated information.

• No more vehicle without insurance, with a simple check avoid nasty surprises.

With iTarga you can:

• Get all technical details of the italian vehicles (brand, model, power, registration and other useful information).

• Calculate italian stamp duty and verify the deadline.

• Verify the insurance of the vehicle.

• Check if there are complaints of theft or loss.

• Know if the vehicle can be driven by novice drivers.

• Share research results.

• View saved research.

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The tax amount does not include regional taxes into account. The dates are purely indicative, we always advise you to contact the ACI.

The Service is provided by the Owner 'as is', without any express or implied warranty to its accuracy, or availability. All news related to cars, motorcycles and stolen license plates are for information only and of no legal value. The verification service is based on a public database and notified by the Insurance Companies.8mobile disclaims any liability in case of errors, technical problems with the service or failure to update the data.