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renal summer - atmospheric pixel arcade in clicker format for androiddevices.

Sad story

renal summer will delight gamers with a rather soulful and non-trivial plot, where an old man and his faithful, but already elderly dog ​​were in the center of events. You have to go through simple and addictive levels, but remember that the life of the hero will depend on your success. The dog suffers from kidney disease and therefore you have to help prolong the life of the animal by clicking on cubes of the same color as much as necessary to destroy them.

Simple and addictive levels

Each destroyed cube will help rid the animal's body of toxins, and the higher its blood pressure, the less costs you will need to destroy the blocks. The more cubes you can combine and destroy at a time, the higher your indicators will be, which means the healthier of the animal. An interesting story, simple controls like in a classic clicker, atmospheric pixel graphics and addictive levels from the first seconds - all this awaits you in renal summer. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.