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Controlling the rope of a man running 3D from the mountains is his task to collect the colored threads. With the rope of the man running the game, it is ropes. The more ropes he passes through, the more he grows, provided that he does not embrace the obstacles that drain the energy of the rope of a man who runs voodoo gradually. Run the Rope Man game. The game is about overcoming obstacles and avoiding ruinous nails and saws. A rope man who runs all the ivy has to run in the crowd until he reaches the castle at the end of each level, to win him beat all his opponents to seize the castle in an effort to reach the finish line. The rope man who runs in all the gold level 9 games, it works on many customization options and plays the game of the rope man that gives you the new rope run update for the characters and you can decorate them as you can decorate them, if you are a fast-thinker while running, you will have the opportunity to get new items in the path Obstacles, however, you can use the men's running rope Tips, this may lead to hitting the items you wear, especially your socks.